5 Different Types of Staircases in Southwest Florida

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There are five common types of staircase design, any of which Fabri-Tech, Florida’s leading contractor since 1985, can fabricate, customize,  and install in your home or office.    

Straight Staircases

Straight stairs are the simplest way to connect two levels of a building or a house and the easiest to build. They consist of a straight flight of steps where the view between floor levels is unobstructed.

For houses, at least one landing is required for straight stairs with over 12 feet of vertical rise. For buildings other than dwellings, the maximum number of rises between landings is 16 for utility stairs and 12 for stairs of regular use.

The steps on a staircase can be open risers, floating, or center stringers, and these are some ways to add style to the simple design of a straight staircase. You can call Fabri-Tech for advice on many other ways to have a simple but elegant straight staircase.

Quarter-turn and L-shaped Staircases

Quarter-turn and L-shaped stairs are two flights of stairs connected perpendicularly. They look like a straight staircase that turns left or right at some point. If it turns midway through, it is called a quarter-turn. Otherwise, it is called an L-shaped staircase.

They look nicer for homes and require less linear space compared to straight stairs, but has higher staircase installation cost. Fabri-tech can give you a free consultation about more affordable options.

Half-turn and U-shaped or Switchback Staircases

This type of staircase consists of two consecutive flights of stairs that run in opposite directions. The two stairs change direction at a landing for U-shaped or switchback stairs. For half-turn stairs, the transition happens on an arc, requiring some space between the two flights of stairs to accommodate the turn.

Half-turn or U-shaped, Fabri-Tech can build it for you. Fabri-Tech offers a complete and seamless service, from fabrication to installation.

Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases are a series of steps attached to and running helically around a pole. They are interesting to look at, but it can be difficult to ascend and are usually not the primary stairs in a home or office. But for those with very limited space, this type of stairs is an excellent option.

Fabri-Tech can build you the most central spiral staircase or the most elaborate, depending on your preference.

Circular Staircases

Circular stairs look similar to but are more conventional than spiral staircases. They can be best described as a flight of stairs wound around an imaginary axis or can be an actual pole where the steps are not necessarily attached. Hence the curves are more relaxed compared to those of a spiral staircase.

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