5 Types of Pool Enclosure Structure (Roof design) You Can Consider for Your New Pool Enclosure

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Your pool is a major investment but how much time do you spend enjoying it? You might not be able to use it during rainy days or when the sun is too hot. If you want to use your swimming pool year-round, a pool cage design in Fort Myers, FL  is your answer. Pool screen enclosures don’t only protect the pool from unfavorable weather, but they also keep the water warm.  For sure you desire to swim all year round without worrying about any of the hindrances mentioned above. You can do that by having a pool enclosure installation

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5 Types of Pool Enclosure Structure (Roof Design)

Pool enclosures come in different types. They also come in various designs that you can choose from. Want to see some of them? Take a look at what we have gathered below:

1. Gorgeous Gable

Also called A-frame enclosures.

  • Two sloping sides creating a triangle.
  • Gable roof pool enclosures come to a peak in the center.

The benefit of gable roof enclosures:

  • their ability to stand without being attached to your home.
  •  suffice for properties that have their swimming pools far out in the yard.
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2. Mansard

Most popular pool enclosure choice


  • Flat on top with gently sloping sides that taper off into the panels below
  • Create the feel of large, wide-open spaces in perfect symmetry.

The benefit of mansard roof enclosures:

  • It offers the strongest design.
  • Their simple and universally flattering design makes them an easy fit for every type of home.
  • The primary benefit of a mansard roof enclosure is the open and spacious atmosphere it lends to your pool. 

3. Dome

The most common of all roof styles for patio and pool screen enclosures. 

  • a dome roof rises into an airy, semi-circular arch
  • its soft, sloping sides create the illusion of limitless space and openness
  • dome-shaped and gradual slopes on all sides towards a center top

The benefits of Dome roof enclosures:

  • adds a majestic atmosphere to your pool area has an extremely appealing architectural design.
  • stable and thus the best for resisting storms and strong winds
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4. Hip

A hip roof is what the mansard would look like without its level midsection.

  • its sides meet at the top in a streamlined shape that resembles a house or a pyramid.
  • If you like the versatility of mansards but want more architectural detail, a hip roof is the ideal meeting ground.

The benefits of Hip roof enclosures:

  • hip enclosure roofs provide more wind resistance during storms.
  • also, provide the illusion of being taller than a mansard roof.
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5. Shed Roof Design

one of the most economical roofs.
  • This creates a stunning roof for your pool. 
  • An extension of your home’s existing roof.

The Benefits of shed roof design: 

  • Their soaring beams and one-of-a-kind construction are awe-inspiring.
  • They boost property values and give homes unbeatable structural protection.

The perfect pool screen enclosure comes from careful planning.

When it comes to pool screen construction in Fort  Myers, FL, you need to work closely with a qualified technician.  Fabri-Tech will take care of this aspect for you so you can be confident that your design is possible from an engineering point of view as well as safe and structurally sound.

Along with our technician we will recommend appropriate materials based on your design requirements. It is important to remember that design must not compromise on the quality or strength of the enclosure. The shape of the enclosure will have a significant bearing on the practicality and functionality of your enclosure. 

Considering a Swimming Pool Enclosure?

Two important things you’ll want to keep in mind when making your final decision are local building codes and your home’s architectural style. If this is your first encounter with pool screen enclosures in Fort Myers, FL, a quick professional consultation with your Fabri-Tech contractor is a good way to get your search off to a more confident start. 

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