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Most of us know that aluminum is often strong enough to replace steel and light enough to use as a cooking foil. Yet aluminum was once thought as more valuable than gold.

What has changed? Why is one of the world’s rarest metals now used in more quantities than any metal except iron?

Today, aluminum fabricators use aluminum alloys to create parts for airplanes and automobiles, construction materials, commercial goods and much more. But these uses of aluminum are relatively new. Only in the last one-hundred years has the metal been used in mass production. This can be attributed to the Hall-Heroult process for extracting aluminum, patented in 1886. This electrolytic process uses large amounts of electricity to extract aluminum metal from aluminum oxide.

The electrolytic process is far more expensive than recycling, which requires only a fraction of the energy. This is one of the main reasons aluminum recycling is so useful and important. Before the extraction of aluminum was possible, the highly malleable metal was extremely rare in its free (metal) form. This process can transform aluminum to various things such as gates, decorative ornaments, handrails, staircases and many more. Aluminum has a lot of uses. It is often used for window frames, automobile components, bicycle components, building materials such as shuttering formwork, and much more. It is even used as parts of an aircraft. The aluminum can be cut and shaped fairly easily, making it a versatile material for construction purposes. Aluminum does not conduct heat as well as other metals, which can be advantageous or disadvantageous, depending on the application.

Fabri-Tech, for over 35 years of service, offers customized design aluminum fabrication of railings, staircases, canopies, decorative ornamental home and business features. We also accept welding projects either for repair or enhancement of your house and commercial establishment.  Anything about aluminum, you can count on us.

Our team with years of collective experience is here to assist you in putting all the special touches on your home or business. We will assure you of our quality service and products that you will never regret.

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