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Thousands of satisfied customers throughout Florida trust Fabri-Tech because we provide exceptional craftsmanship and premier customer service at competitive prices. Whether searching for a front gate, automatic driveway gate or pool gate, we have the skills and expertise to transform every vision into a reality. We also design and install custom staircases, railings, pool enclosures and more.

Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum Fabrication is the process of creating metal parts, structure and products by means of cutting, bending and shaping the material.

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Advantages of Aluminum in Fabrication

Types of Aluminum Fabrication

Fabrication of aluminum spans a variety of processes, including bending, extruding, shearing, stamping and welding.

Adhesive Bonding

Common method of assembling aluminum.


Pouring liquid aluminum into a mold or die.


Method of removing small-cap or extrusion burrs using a mechanical brush or a grinding machine.


Pulls metal through a tapered die to stretch it.


Should be carried out at higher speeds, especially with softer alloys. The hole will be slightly larger than the diameter of the bit.


Force aluminum through or around a die to conform it to the size and shape of the die.


Beating or compressing aluminum into shape.


Includes bending, stamping, and rolling.


Used to shape aluminum three-dimensionally in a single process. The single part can be created with excellent dimensional accuracy.


Utilizing milling machines with large teeth pitches.


Sawing aluminum is faster than sawing steel since higher sawing speeds can be achieved.


Shearing is accomplished through eccentric presses using a cutting tool. Punching and dying a hardened tool is recommended.


Internal and external threads made through plastic deformation.

Florida’s Leader in Custom Gates | Fabri-Tech

With over 35 years of experienceFabri-Tech manufactures and installs quality, custom made residential gates and commercial gates in Florida. We design and manufacture:

Fabri-Tech Screens Enclosure Service Van

We can design and build the following:

Trust the Aluminum Fabrication Experts at Fabri-Tech

Fabri-Tech combines extensive experience with effort. We ensure attentiveness and detailed application of the aluminum fabrication processes we have learned and perfected over the years.

Capability – routinely creates large and even complicated aluminum fabrications when other fabrication companies refuse.

Customer Service: Fabri-Tech ensures top-notch service and creates quality relationships by going the extra mile.

Machinery – Along with a reliable workforce, Fabri-Tech’s premium and durable mechanism make your most complicated specifications a reality adding perfect finishes that your application needs.

Proficiency Fabri-Tech has consistent experience in providing meticulous and highly complicated custom fabrications for a wide variety of purposes.

Quality – Unknown to many, the aluminum fabrication process is long and complicated. It is considered before for fitting and laser cutting, and it undergoes a series of stringent purifications and heating. Fabri-Tech takes pride in ensuring quality control in every step of the process.

Additional Fabri-Tech Offerings

Fabri-Tech designs and manufactures custom aluminum fabrication of: 

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