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Fabri-Tech  offer aluminum fabrication for your railingscanopies, and staircase, either a simple or a spiral staircase, done with services like welding and decorative ornamental jobs with highest quality that will add value and impression to your home in Fort Myers, Florida. Contact us at 1-800-281-1289 for faster response.

What is Aluminum Fabrication?

Aluminum fabrication in Florida is the process of frequently extruding aluminum. Extrusion involves drawing or pushing the aluminum blank in a die to produce a product of the preferred shape.

It can be done in two ways:

1. Hot process

Involves heating the aluminum to become more malleable

2. The cold process

Freezing method at room temperature

Features of Aluminum

Railings by Fabri Tech

Kinds of Aluminum Fabrication


Sewing aluminum is done faster than sewing steel since higher sewing speeds can be achieved with aluminum than with steel.


Method of removing small-cap or extrusion burrs using a mechanical brush or a grinding machine.


Method of aluminum fabrication is using milling machines, which have larger teeth pitches than the equivalent machines for fabricating steel.


Should be carried out at higher speeds, especially with softer alloys. The hole will be slightly larger than the diameter of the bit. To avoid contracting the hole due to a large amount of heat released during drilling, cooling is essential.


The pieces to be turned during this aluminum fabrication procedure, should be fitted securely to avoid vibration.


This is a unique aluminum fabrication procedure where you can shape aluminum three-dimensionally in a single process. The single part can be created with excellent dimensional accuracy.

Plastic forming ( bending/stretching)

As a method of aluminum fabrication, plastic forming includes several processes: draw bending, which is used in most cases; roller bending, which is used for creating large radii in the workpiece; stretch bending, which offers very high three-dimensional shape accuracy; and press bending, mainly used for bending of large series.


Presswork is carried out through eccentric presses using a cutting tool. Punching and dying a hardened tool is recommended.


Internal and external threads made through plastic deformation.

Florida’s Best Choice for Custom Gates

Fabri-Tech premier gate manufacturer and gate installer in Fort Myers, Florida. Applying over 35 years of experience, we build high-quality custom made residential gates and commercial gates in Florida.

Thousands of satisfied customers throughout Florida trust us because we deliver exceptional craftsmanship and great customer service at competitive prices. Whether you need a front gate for your home, an automatic driveway gate for your estate, we have the skills and expertise to turn your vision into a reality. We also design and install a custom staircase, railings, and more for Florida homes and commercial properties.

Residential Gates by Fabri Tech

We can design and build the following:

Our team will assist you in choosing the best gate suitable for your needs and choose your own design.  Our gate team specialists will have an on-site assessment and outline all the options available for you.

Whether you need a front gate for your home, an automatic driveway gate for your estate, we have the skills and expertise to turn your vision into a reality. We also design and install a custom staircase, railings, and more for Florida homes and commercial properties. 

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