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Aluminum is lightweight, not magnetic, versatile, immensely strong, and corrosion resistant. It is a flexible material for railings, staircases, canopies and decorative ornamental for your residential and commercial establishments in Labelle, Florida.

Fabri-Tech offers customize aluminum fabrication design of:

Stair Case

Why Choose Fabri-Tech Aluminum Fabrication Company?

1. Reliable and trusted contractor

Identify a contractor that is suitable for your fabrication needs. 

2. Full-Service package

It is favorable for you, the clients if the contractor has an all-in-one package of products and services.

3. Contractor's Credibility

Verify a contractor’s credibility by asking a copy of their business-related documents and their certificate of accreditations.

4. Actual Cost Estimate

Request full cost estimate. Verify the inclusions of their estimate to avoid misunderstanding and issues.

5. Company’s portfolio

Check their works, projects, and achievements.

Remember to always consider the cost and the standard quality of work that your budget meets. Everything should be clear to you and your contractor before committing. Invest in the right contractor and not waste your time, effort, and money. Contact Fabri-Tech, the leading fabrication company in Labelle, Florida, at 1-800-281-1289 or 239-772-9825.

There are two ways Aluminum Fabrication can be done. One is through a hot process, this involves heating the aluminum to become more malleable. Another process is called the cold process, it’s a freezing method at room temperature.

Railings by Fabri Tech

Features of Aluminum

Kinds of Aluminum Fabrication


Sewing aluminum is done faster than sewing steel since higher sewing speeds can be achieved with aluminum than with steel.


Method of removing small-cap or extrusion burrs using a mechanical brush or a grinding machine.


Method of aluminum fabrication is using milling machines, which have larger teeth pitches than the equivalent machines for fabricating steel.


Should be carried out at higher speeds, especially with softer alloys. The hole will be slightly larger than the diameter of the bit. To avoid contracting the hole due to a large amount of heat released during drilling, cooling is essential.


The pieces to be turned during this aluminum fabrication procedure, should be fitted securely to avoid vibration.


This is a unique aluminum fabrication procedure where you can shape aluminum three-dimensionally in a single process. The single part can be created with excellent dimensional accuracy.

Plastic forming ( bending/stretching)

As a method of aluminum fabrication, plastic forming includes several processes: draw bending, which is used in most cases; roller bending, which is used for creating large radii in the workpiece; stretch bending, which offers very high three-dimensional shape accuracy; and press bending, mainly used for bending of large series.


Presswork is carried out through eccentric presses using a cutting tool. Punching and dying a hardened tool is recommended.


Internal and external threads made through plastic deformation.

Contact LaBelle, Fl's Experienced Aluminum Fabrication Contractor

Fabri-Tech has been providing quality service to homeowners and commercial establishments in LaBelle, Florida and surrounding areas since 1985. Danny Mitchell, together with his entire family including his wife, brother, mother, and father, who make up part of over 100 employees in Fabri-Tech.

Fabri-Tech received numerous recognition from various organizations. Since 2010-2013, for 4 years, it was constantly voted as best of Cape by The Breeze, has been a BBB accredited business since May 2012, and an authorized Super Screen® retailer of Twitchell Corporation.

FabriTech in LaBelle, FL also accepts repair or enhancements of your residential and commercial establishment welding projects such as:

Get in touch with Fabri-Tech for expert aluminum fabrication services. We provide on-site services for large or small scale projects of mezzaninesstairs, handrails, and much more.

Contact us for a non-obligation design consultation at 1-800-281-1289 or 239-772-9825. We serve in Marco Island, Bonita SpringsNaplesFort MyersCape Coral, Port Charlotte, North PortVeniceEsteroPunta Gorda, and Lehigh Acres.

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