Benefits and Qualities of Life Saver Pool Fence® in Fort Myers

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Do you know that there are an estimated 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming pools in the United States and alone in the state of Florida, the number of residential swimming pools is 1,093,655?

Living in Florida with a pool is one of the luxuries that Floridians enjoy all year round, considering the warm climate most months of the year and the less stressful Floridian lifestyle.

Commonly most people invest in pools as part of their home abode, to have an outdoor resort just outside the house. After a hard day’s work, where they can unwind and relax together with their families or friends. Probably, it makes it one of the several reasons why pools have become so popular in Floridian homes.

While pools may become a trend in most Floridian homes, they also have become safety hazards. Based on the USA Swimming Foundation statistical figures, Florida again leads the nation as the state with the most child drowning in 2017. Last year’s drowning were children 15 years and younger, with 80 percent involving children under the age of 5.

Alarming though, such figures bring to the attention of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Pool Safety to campaign and urge Florida families to practice safety protocols and practices in pools.

Even though safety rules and regulations are implemented throughout, however, that is not enough to avoid pool accidents and hazards from happening. A pool fence is the pool safety solution, which has gained a growing demand throughout the country for pool safety measures.

Fabri-Tech, Florida’s leading contractor for pool enclosures, lanais, screen rooms, re-screening, and railings offers its latest pool fence product- Life Saver Pool Fence®Life Saver Pool Fence® is a removable mesh pool fence designed specifically to provide a safety barrier around residential swimming pools for toddlers and young children in Fort Myers. Can offer a lot of benefits for every Floridian homeowner with pools:

Improves Pool Safety

Even though pool fences are not child-safe or pet-safe, they can at least provide a barrier of protection for a pet, child or accidental drowning of an adult. Life Saver Pool Fence® helps parents or housewives who are always busy doing household chores, especially whenever there are lapses in adult supervision of your children or pets around the house. 

Minimizes Pool accidents and Drowning

Pool fence investment can lessen the chances of pool accidents and hazards from happening. As based on the USA Swimming Foundation reports, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1-4 nationwide. Life Saver Pool Fence® is bordered on all four sides by a reinforced vinyl material, with a rating of 387 lbs., the fence is kept from sagging and the necessary tension is maintained throughout at the top and bottom, which prevents children from climbing the fence or even removing by themselves.

Convenient to Use

Life Saver Pool Fence® can provide convenience for easy removal and reinstallation. Available in a variety of heights such as 42, 48, or 60 inch heights, our tension based system utilizes a series of 15 foot sections of fence with inserts for mounting in non-conducting polypropylene sleeves core drilled 4 inches deep into a concrete deck, or other substantial surfaces, connected in series at the top with 2 1/2 inch nickel-plated brass safety latches with stainless springs. Moreover, pool fencing can be installed in almost any type of deck.

Versatile Designs

Attractive pool fences are a beauty to behold for homeowners. Life Saver Pool Fence® has several mesh colors and style options to choose from, which comes in black, brown, white, beige, or green colors.

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