Types of Staircase

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Staircases, the most common means of getting access into a building, consist of a broad variety of styles and designs. Some of them are very stunning. Some are so simple that their primary purpose is to divide a huge vertical distance into smaller vertical distances known as steps, in order to bridge it. Stairs were built in ancient times for a variety of reasons, some of which were to deter intruders by acting as a burglar alarm.

The information in this article will assist you in making an informed decision on the type of stairway that will best suit your home.

1. Straight Stairs

straight chairs

What are straight stairs?

There are no changes in direction on a flight of straight stairs. Many people use them in both residential and business establishments. 

What are straight stairs with a central landing?

A landing is added at the bottom of a lengthy flight of stairs in order to break up the run. Above 12 feet, this is required by building codes. Most straight stairways in business buildings include a platform around halfway up the stairway’s run.

2. L Shaped Stairs

L Shaped Stairs

What are L shaped stairs?

Straight stairs with a bend in the middle are known as L-shaped stairs. Add a landing at this location to obtain the desired bend. However, the bend does not have to be 90 degrees. Long L stairs, or quarter turn stairs, are sometimes referred to if the landing is closer to the top or bottom of the stairs.

3. U Shaped Stairs

U Shaped Stairs

What are U shaped stairs?

U shaped stair is a 180-degree turn in the walk line when two parallel flights of straight stairs are linked by a landing.

4. Winder Stairs

Winder Stairs

What are winder stairs?

This type of stair has a triangular or pie-shaped landing at the corner transition instead of a flat landing.

5. Spiral Stairs

Spiral Stairs

What are spiral stairs?

Stairs with spiral arcs move in a spiral motion. The treads extend out from a central pole in a compact shape.

6.Curved Stairs

Curved Stairs

What are curved stairs?

Like spiral stairs, curved stairs follow a helical arc. However, they tend to have a much larger radius and typically do not make a full circle.

7. Cantilever Stairs

Cantilever Stairs

What are Cantilever Stairs?

These stairs are called cantilever stairs because they are made to make the stair treads look like they are floating in the air without any help. There will be a stair stringer at one end of the treads, and it could be hidden or shown. Cantilever stairs make any room look bigger and more interesting.

8. Split Staircase (Bifurcated)

Split Staircase (Bifurcated)

What are split stairs?

Split Stair is a usually has a set of steps that start at the bottom and end at a landing about half way up the flight. Split Stairs are also called bifurcated stairs. At the landing, the stairs split into two smaller sets of stairs that go in different directions.

9. Circular Staircase


What are circular staircase?

The Circular Staircase goes around and has a curved top. The stairs are from medieval times, but they have been changed to make it look more modern. In order to make the staircase even more beautiful, it is surrounded by glass instead of rails. There are fewer steps and it’s easier to get up and down than if there were spiral stairs. One name for the helixed stair is a stair that turns. It is good for people who like vintage things. It’s not very difficult to keep up with because the most important thing is to keep the wood from warping. Its main flaw is that it takes up more space and costs more to build.

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