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staircase is more than a means of getting from one floor to another. The right staircase makes a statement. It echoes and often sets the style for a building. Whether that staircase style calls for something grand or subtle, traditional or modern, soft or angular, we understand how to design and build the perfect complimenting staircase.

When it comes to designing, crafting, and installing staircases in homes and buildings in Fort Myers, Florida, few companies possess the capabilities and craftmanship like Fabri-Tech. We are experts in custom staircase design and understand how to meet the needs of hospitals, libraries, government offices, and other buildings providing a stunning quality staircase with a beautiful design specially made for your building.

Choosing Fabri-Tech to craft a staircase for you means your stairs are in the hands of true professionals that master the art of stair design and building detail. Unlike other stair companies, we do everything from start to finish. Designbuildingfabrication, and installing are our specialties. We’re here to work with you from beginning to end while remaining on schedule so you can have your brand-new beautiful stairs finished on time.

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Customized Staircase Design

Space is a major consideration in a building. Your project may call for a large, open floor plan, or you may have a limited amount of space in which to work. Regardless of your design constraints, Fabri-Tech can design and build a staircase that fits perfectly and is visually impactful. We have the highest quality craftsmen working to construct your very own custom staircase designed to enhance your property.

Extraordinary Aluminum staircase for exterior or interior use:


Different layouts and supporting structures are available

Lightweight and very strong

Many options available

Straight Staircases

Straight staircases

Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases

Combination Staircases

Example of a Combination Staircase

Southwest Florida's Most Trusted Fabrication Contractor

At Fabri-Tech, we want to help you minimize risk and maximize the stability and strength of your staircase. Our experts understand building codes and are here to help guide you during both the design and build stages. We have decades of expertise in many safety situations and would love the chance to share our knowledge and awareness to ensure you receive the very best quality installation. We can create staircases and stair parts with stainless steel, glass, hand-forged wrought iron, or any other material you want to use. When it comes to designing staircases with Fabri-Tech, anything is possible.

We project manage each phase of the process, ensuring your design and installation are always in the most capable of hands. At Fabri-Tech we offer turnkey installation service meaning your staircases are designed, welding, built, and installed fully by us so you never have to turn to outside contractors.

To ensure full quality control, we undertake all design and fabrication work in-house, delivering you a complete solution via one convenient point of contact. Call us at 239-772-9825 or message us online to learn more about our fabrication services today.