Factors to Consider When Choosing The Right Staircase Design for Your Home

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In renovating your old staircase or building a new home, how do you decide on the perfect staircase design for your home?

Just like your decision for your kitchen or your living room, choosing the right staircase is as important. A staircase is not only functional by giving access to different levels of the house, but it also adds character and feature to your homes. With so many options, here are some factors to consider in choosing your staircase:


Decide on the amount you are willing to spend on your residential staircase, considering the raw materials and labor. Based on your budget, choose the kind of material to be used and design. Make inquiries, ask for quotes, and compare to check how to best utilize your budget.


Bear in mind the space available to accommodate your stairs. If you have a thin and long rectangular opening, you may opt for a straight staircase. If you have less space downstairs, you may decide on a spiral staircase.


Safety first. There is a minimum width requirement for the design of the stair to make sure that no children could climb in between the balusters. The material should also be sturdy and non-slippery.

Family’s Needs and Lifestyle                              

For families who have children, safety gates should be installed. Senior citizens should have an easy-to-climb staircase with landings plates and handrails. If you have a busy lifestyle, having stairs that do not require regular vacuuming and low maintenance may be best for you.


Depending on your preference and the look you are going for, decide on whether the stairs should be made of timber, marble, steel or concrete.


Knowing your budget, space, and materials, you may now choose a residential staircase design. You can have a straight, half-turned, quarter-turned, or spiral staircase. You should also consider landings if needed. These sections of flooring between angles or curves break a very tall staircase to minimize injuries in case somebody falls.

Building Regulations

Always check with your local building inspector on the requirements for the design and building of the stairs before the actual construction. You do not want to spend more on redoing your staircase because of non-compliance with regulations which will cost more.

When you have already made your decision on the above-enumerated considerations, plan out the details of construction. Be certain with your decision as changes or replacement would be costly and time-consuming.

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