High Quality and Low Maintenance Aluminum Canopy

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Fabri-tech is the leading provider of extruded aluminum canopy systems in Southwest Florida. We can assist you with all aspects of canopy design, engineering, and manufacturing for extruded aluminum canopy systems. We provide a range of aluminum and metal canopies, including supported overhead canopies, covered pathways, entry canopies, commercial metal awnings, and architectural canopies.

We have good ties with architects, general contractors, and school boards, and have built hundreds of aluminum canopies around the region with success.

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Aluminum is only one of several metallic materials utilized in modern consumer items, but it is the obvious frontrunner for many architectural applications. Aluminum is both lightweight and extremely durable, making it ideal for awnings, doors, and roofs. Aluminum is highly recyclable and acts as an insulator, preventing interior rooms from overheating when exposed to sunlight.

We fabricate and install the following.

Aluminum Canopies Benefits

1. Lighter Weight

Aluminum is light weight making it malleable and easier to install.

2. Easier to Maintain

Aluminum canopies are easier to maintain because of its weight and could last longer. Aluminum is resistant rust and easy to clean for a convenient, reliable canopy solution.

3. Stylish

Fabri-Tech's aluminum canopies can easily compliment your home and style. You can choose different designs and different materials for your home canopy.

Canopy Installation Process

Step 1

Measure & Pre-Drill

Step 2

 Knife-Plate Installation

Step 3

Canopy Wall Installation

Step 4

Connect Tie-Rods & Knife Plates

Step 5

Mate Canopies for Two or more Canopies

Aluminum Sunshade Awnings for Windows

Sunshades can be a budget-friendly option for enhancing the outside appearance of a property. Provide protection from the Florida sun for guests or customers while letting sunshine to illuminate the interior of your building. You may even observe a decrease in energy expenditures as a result of the usage of natural light! All aluminum sunshade solutions may be tailored to match any window size. Each metal awning is constructed to be low-maintenance and durable for many years.

Aluminum Sunshade Awning Fabrication & Installation Company

Get outdoor metal sunshades for windows and doors, custom-made at our Fort Myers, Florida welding facility. Our contractors install sunshade and awning items made of aluminum across the whole state of Florida. Want increased durability and a color-matched finish? Request our offered powder coating service for any building access items.

Entrance Canopy Architect & Fabrication Contractor

Get heavy-duty aluminum walkway canopies custom fabricated from Architectural Metals. Designed and manufactured in our Fort Myers welding shop, each canopy is machined from 100% extruded aluminum. We can adapt covered walkway canopies to work within any design criteria from conception to installation.

Commercial Aluminum Awning Installation Company

Throughout the Southwest Florida, Fabri-tech can install your newly prefabricated canopy structures. Each canopy is made from modular components for quick assembly. Our aluminum canopies are available in different colorssizes, and shapes so you can choose a design you like to make your canopies exceptionally beautiful and useful. You can enjoy the views outdoors while indoors so no need to worry about the weather. Need more product coloration and environmental protection? Ask about our canopy frame powder painting service.

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