How to Prepare Your Backyard for Pool Enclosure Construction

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Pool enclosure construction can benefit homeowners in many ways. An enclosure will help prevent your pool from being overrun by dirt and debris, especially during windy conditions. Adding a screen enclosure can also increase the safety and security of your family and property. On top of that, it would make it much simpler for you to maintain your pool.

Fabri-Tech Screens swimming pool enclosures are a great investment since they not only make your pool safer and simpler to clean but can also raise the total value of your home. Like any construction project, building pool enclosures may cause some temporary inconvenience. It’s crucial to be ready for this in advance. Preparing your backyard before the pool enclosure specialists show up will guarantee that your job runs smoothly.

Let's look at a few things you can do to get your backyard ready for the pool enclosure:

1. Talk with your pool enclosure salesman about what to expect.

Although constructing a pool cage might be new to you, it’s not the pool screen installer‘s first time. Let them lead the way. Ask the installer to guide you through the full pool screen enclosure process before any construction starts and know what to anticipate. You will save time, money, and frustration if any potential issues are resolved during the planning stage. The likelihood of a smooth pool enclosure installation will increase if you and your salesperson are both clear about your roles and expectations.

2. Best Time for Installation

What time of year is ideal for installing a pool enclosure? That is up to you. Your backyard will be under construction for at least a few days because building a pool screen enclosure takes time. Consider your pool and backyard usage patterns and make appropriate plans.  By scheduling the enclosure’s installation for a less busy time, scheduling issues can be avoided.

3. Clearing Way

You need space for your installer to work. Clear the area before installing a pool enclosure by:

4. Make Safety A Priority

Safety should always come first, and it’s crucial that you take responsibility for safeguarding your surroundings, your pets, and your possessions. Inform your family and your neighbors about the installation of your new pool enclosure and provide them with the details they need to stay safe. 

Make arrangements to keep young children and pets away from the work area when installing a pool enclosure. Furniture and breakables should be moved to a safe location away from the construction area. You might want to think about covering items that you cannot move with plastic since construction is a messy job.

5. Protect your Landscape

Landscape design that is lush and stunning can undoubtedly beautify your garden. It may also become a hindrance. Has your landscape been cut back to provide installers space to finish their work? Take precautions to safeguard any plants that are particularly delicate.

6. Inform your Neighbor as Courtesy

A building project can create a lot of disturbance due to the rush of people, cars, and materials. A sense of community goodwill can be maintained by informing neighbors who might be impacted in advance.

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