How to Prepare your Pool Screen Enclosure for Hurricane Season?

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Tropical storms and hurricanes are uncontrollable events for pool owners. In the case that severe weather threatens your area, it is strongly advised that you install a pool screen enclosure to prevent debris and leaves from polluting the water. In addition, it will prevent tree branches from falling and breaking or damaging your pool tiles as a result of the hurricane’s assault.

Ways to Prepare Your Pool and Screen Enclosure

  • Do not drain the pool, it minimizes harm from hydrostatic pressure beneath the pool.

  • Turn off your pool equipment. All electrical pool equipment, including pumps, chlorinators, heaters, and lights, should be totally turned off.

  • Protect your pool equipment. Any equipment that might be exposed to water should be covered. Wrap the equipment securely using tarps and thick plastic sheets.

  • Place loose furniture and other objects in storage. Remove and store all unsecured things, such as poolside equipment and accessories or patio furniture. During a storm, umbrellas, grills, canvas awnings, and toys may become lethal missiles. Remove them and store them indoors; if an item is not bolted to the ground, it should be brought inside.

  • Avoid covering your pool to prevent debris from entering it. In contrast, the expense of cleaning a pool after a storm is far less than the cost of replacing the pool cover.

  • Safeguard your screen enclosure. The easiest approach to prevent damage to your screen enclosure during a storm is to build a passage for ventilation. This may be accomplished simply removing both doors and the screen. This will prevent the screen from ripping and straining due to the wind's force. Pull the spline at the bottom of each panel to avoid damaging the cage.

Enclosure for Hurricane Season in Florida
If you haven’t started preparing your home for hurricane season, it’s time to begin right now. The professionals at Fabri-Tech will:

Professional Pool Screen Installation and Repair in Florida

The installation of the pool screen enclosure is tedious because it requires the engagement of professional pool screen installation experts like our team from Fabri-Tech to undertake such a task otherwise the enclosure could not withstand the damaging power of the hurricane.

Pool Enclosure for the Hurricane Season

Prepare Your Screen Enclosure for Hurricane Season Today!

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