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Enhance Your Outdoor Space with LuxCraft Outdoor Structures

Upgrade your outdoor living space with LuxCraft. Outdoor structures are multipurpose, seasonal additions to outdoor living spaces that provide protection from the elements, outdoor living space enhancement and refuge from the stresses of daily life.

Add value to your property with LuxCraft Outdoor Structures. Call 330-852-1036 for your Gazebo, Pavilion and Pergola needs in Southwest Florida.

Benefits of LuxCraft Outdoor Furniture & Structures

Outdoor Structures

LuxCraft provides clients with complete control over their outdoor structure design. Our step-by-step system allows the choice of shape, size, style, material and more, ensuring your Gazebo, Pavilion, or Pergola is everything you dreamed of.



Enjoy a fresh breeze and the aroma of flowers with a LuxCraft gazebo.


LuxCraft offers the perfect pavilion for gathering outdoors.



The ideal addition to any deck, patio or walkway, a pergola from Luxcraft adds a touch of decor and shade to every outdoor space. Freestanding and structure extending options available.

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