for pool enclosures, lanais, screen rooms, rescreening, and railings

We carefully select high quality products to offer you a trouble-free and maintenance-free service for years to come. 

We also accept welding projects either for repair or enhancement of your house and commercial establishment. 

Our custom gates will provide privacy and security for your treasured home or business. The team in Fabri-Tech will let you choose your own design, craft it, and install it exactly how you want it.

Fabri-tech Screens specializes in top-notch pool screen enclosuressunrooms, and lanai enclosures, providing a luxurious and worry-free outdoor living experience. Bid farewell to bothersome mosquitoes, gnats, snakes, and the endless chore of leaf removal. With our exceptional products, you can relish in an outdoor space that demands minimal upkeep.

We take immense pride in expanding your home’s living and entertaining areas into the magnificent outdoors. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to assisting you in discovering the ideal options that cater to your specific requirements and enhance your aesthetic preferences. Whether you desire a pool screen enclosure, a sunroom, or a lanai enclosure, our designers will craft custom plans tailored precisely to your home’s dimensions, ensuring optimal performance and a flawless appearance.

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Years of Experience

Punta Gorda, FL's Leading Contractor for Pool Enclosures, Lanais, Screen Rooms, Rescreening, and Railings

Fabri-tech Screens, located in Fort Myers, Florida, is a family-owned and operated business led by Danny Mitchell and supported by his wife, brother, and parents. With a team of over 100 skilled technicians, the company holds full licensing and insurance as a Florida contractor, ensuring compliance with local and state codes. Fabri-Tech specializes in constructing enclosures that are designed to withstand powerful winds and storms, guaranteeing exceptional durability.

With an impressive 38-year history, Fabri-tech has built a solid reputation for delivering outstanding service. The company has received numerous accolades from prestigious organizations, including the esteemed recognition of being voted the Best of Cape by The Breeze from 2010 to 2013. Additionally, Fabri-tech takes pride in its status as an ADFORS Saint-Gobain Certified Contractor.

High Quality, Durable Pool Screen Fabrics

Fabri-tech proudly serves as an authorized retailer of Super Screen® by the Twitchell Corporation. Through cutting-edge technology, we provide unparalleled toughness and durability for pool, patio, and outdoor mesh screen enclosures. With our wealth of expertise in creating tailored pool enclosures, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and delivering outstanding results that endure the passage of time.

UV-tolerant properties help retain color and strength but also protect against the fading and flaking commonly found in fiberglass screens.

Free On-Site Estimate in Punta Gorda, Florida

For pool enclosurelanai, screen room, rescreening, and railing inquiries and consultations, call 1-800-281-1289 or 239-772-9825Fabri-Tech’s Design and Construction Team will delightfully guide you through your outdoor enclosure project in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Fabritech Screens Owner

Danny Mitchell


Danny Mitchell, the current owner, started working as an installer in 1999. He then devoted his entire life in the business to help homeowners and businesses. His passion was also shared by his entire family including his wife, brother, mother, and father who also make up part of over 100 employees in Fabri-Tech.

For our years of commitment and high-quality service, Fabri-Tech received numerous recognitions from various organizations. It was voted best of Cape by The Breeze in 2010-2013 and an ADFORS Saint-Gobain Certified Contractor.

Why Choose Fabri-Tech Screens

How would you use a screen enclosure on your Southwest Florida property? When you plan to have a screen enclosure make sure it’s constructed by a reputable, experienced company like Fabri Tech. At Fabri Tech, you work with a business that is as professional at what we do, as we are passionate about why we do it.

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