Screen Enclosure Repair after a Hurricane in Southwest Florida

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Having your swimming pool or patio in your residence is a luxury. It increases your social reputation in the community and at the same time, it increases the value of your real property as it adds elegance to your home too.

The regular maintenance and repair of a swimming pool or patio may dramatically skyrocket your overhead expenses that may thereafter adversely affect your financial position. The process of repair is tedious and may require an extended time to ensure its smooth and exquisite appearance.

As part of its maintenance requirements, it is highly recommended to install a screen enclosure to your swimming pool or patio to filter the falling leaves and other materials that may contaminate the pool water and the patio tile materials, which may eventually stain the slates and may sooner or later lead to their deterioration. Moreover, your swimming pool or patio should also be protected from the bad climate, the sun or even the bugs that may invade your solitude.

Nonetheless and due to the frequent visits of the harsh hurricane in Southwest Florida, homes including the screen enclosures usually break down as they could not withstand the rampage of the storm. These structures were not engineered as impact-resistant fixtures.

In case your screen enclosure is ruined by the hurricane, you may secure a professional installer and repair technician to overhaul your screen enclosure. This being said, Fabri-Tech is a company that you need to address your concerns. We are a specialized and leading screen enclosure installer and repair contractor in Southwest Florida.

Fabri-Tech has been performing an efficient undertaking since 1985. We are not just a pool enclosure fabricator but we also build pool cage design and construction, pool safety fences, screen enclosure repair, sunrooms and lanais, and concrete additions. We further specialize in building gates, whether it is for commercial or residential gates, front entrances, and screen rooms for an extra indoor or outdoor living space, security, and an elegant ambiance in your home.

With the proficiency of Fabri-Tech, the installation of its screen enclosure will increase the functionality of your swimming pool. You can avail of the paramount swimming enjoyment together with your family and friends without worrying about pests, insects, or falling debris that may contaminate or pollute the pool water.

We fabricate and distribute a high-quality screen enclosure product and we likewise execute a professional installation of the product to be undertaken by highly skilled technicians.

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