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An unprotected pool is over one hundred times more dangerous to a child than a loaded gun (Freakanomics, 2005). Drowning is the #1 cause of death for children under five in several states, out-ranking car accidents and disease. The safety of your family leaves no room for compromise. Trust Fabri-tech Screens with pool safety fencing and installation.

1. Never leave a child unattended in or near water.

Always watch children when they’re in or near water and never leave them unattended. Designate an official Water Watcher, an adult tasked with supervising children in the water. Watching should be their only task – they shouldn’t be reading, texting or playing games on a phone. Have a phone close by at all times in case you need to call for help, and if a child is missing, check the pool first.

Even if a lifeguard is present, parents and caregivers should take the responsibility of being a designated Water Watcher. When any lifeguard chair is empty, the remaining lifeguards may not be able to see the entire pool and when lifeguards are seated in low chairs, their view can be blocked by patrons in the pool.

2. Teach children how to swim.

Swimming is not only fun, it’s a lifesaving skill. Enroll children in swimming lessons; there are many free or reduced-cost options available from the local YMCA, USA Swimming chapter or Parks and Recreation Department.

3. Teach children to stay away from drains.

Do not play or swim near drains or suction outlets, especially in spas and shallow pools. Never enter a pool or spa that has a loose, broken or missing drain cover. Children’s hair, limbs, jewelry or bathing suits can get stuck in a drain or suction opening. When using a spa, be sure to locate the emergency vacuum shutoff before entering the water.

4. Install a Fence or Barriers

Fences or barriers protect children and pets from danger while playing around a pool. Safety fencing offers adults convenient pool access and secures the pool area with a lockable gate. Fences prevent children from entering the pool area without an accompanying guardian.

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Choosing the right pool enclosure offers safety, protection, investment, and peace of mind.