Questions To Ask During a Sunroom and Lanai Consultation

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Lanai is a combination of a veranda (or porch), a patio, and an outdoor room. Most Floridian houses have at least one, and it’s usually covered by a roof. It is surrounded by a concrete floor and screens.

Floridians put a lot of money into their lanais because they spend so much time outside, taking in the breathtaking views.

If the lanai is large enough, a pool may be able to fit on top of it. Pool area is screened in so it functions as a separate room in the house. Tables and chairs may be set around the pool, which is connected to the rest of the house by a sliding glass door. However, because it’s out in the open, it’s an additional space in the house.

Additional Purpose of Lanai

Add Privacy

Keeps Bugs Out

Protect your property

Raise Your Property Value

Are you considering building a new lanai or sunroom? In this article, we will provide the important points you need to consider before hiring a lanai contractor.

How long has the company been in the construction business?

Having been in business for a long period shows a company’s stability. When looking for a contractor, look for someone with a solid reputation and a long list of happy clients. To put it another way: Firms that perform well tend to last longer than those that do poorly.

If so, what kind of guarantee does the company offer on the work?

You need to be protected throughout the process. An established firm will not tolerate substandard materials or bad craftsmanship. Ask about the company’s warranties and the length of time they are good. ‘ Make sure the company you’re working with has the proper insurance to ensure that your lanai or sunroom project will not be jeopardized by construction concerns.

Are they licensed?

Licensing is a testament to a contractor’s work. It proves that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the job. Moreover, it offers a direct pathway to follow in the event problems arise. The risks of working with non-licensed technicians are manifold and may include safety hazards, poor-quality work, and noncompliance with building codes.

Do they offer construction design?

Enclosures and screening rooms may be made in a wide variety of forms and configurations. As a result of choosing the perfect design for your home, it will both appear and perform its best in the future.

What is the Estimated Timeframe?

Having a discussion with your Lanai Contractor regarding the estimated completion date is an important component of the building process. Many factors, including the contractor’s current work, might have an impact on the ultimate timetable.

The timetable may be affected by factors such as permit processing and weather conditions. Determine which Lanai Contractor is best for you by looking at your schedule.

What is included in the construction contract?

The details of the contract for the building of your new area will be written up by an expert sunroom or lanai builder. The contract should include all of the details of the work and materials, as well as the length, pricing, and payment terms.

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