Top Questions During a Sunroom and Lanai Consultation

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Your home is a place where you have maximum comfort. And when it comes to quality, comfortable homes, you can consider having a sunroom or lanai for maximum relaxation for you and your family. A sunroom is sometimes also called a sunspace. It is designed to have many windows so that a lot of sunlight can come into the area. A lanai, on the other hand, is a roofed house space with open sides. Both can be installed by professional Marco Island lanai contractor company Fabri-Tech.

Before having a sunroom or lanai installed, however, talking to the right Fort Myers lanai contractor is necessary.

Fabri-Tech Screens are the right choice when considering all of these considerations.

How many years has the company been in the field of construction?

Long years in business speak about stability. You will want to get the contractor that is reliable and trusted by a lot of people. Take in mind that businesses that do their job properly, last.

Is there any guarantee for the work?

You must be protected during the duration of the work.  A reliable company will provide a guarantee against substandard materials and poor labor. Ask what the company can guarantee and for how long. It is also proper to ask if the company is under insurance so that you will know that your lanai or sunroom project will not be put into risk because of construction problems.

What is included in the construction contract?

A reputable Fort Myers lanai contractor will lay down the details of the contract for the building of your sunroom or lanai. The basic contract details should include work and material descriptions, duration, expenses incurred, and payment terms.

Build your dream home. Add a sunroom and lanai to your family quarters and find the right Marco Island lanai contractor to do the job, Fabri-Tech Screens!

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