Types of Pool Enclosure Screen Materials in Fort Myers, Florida

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Fort Myers, FL is a cool place to live. From the beaches to the neighborhoods, there’s a certain charm that suits retirees and families. It doesn’t take a lot to settle and feel at home here. We know because we have plenty of homeowner clients who have taken it to heart to make their house their safe place.

Most Fort Myers homeowners also have their own pool since it’s mostly sunny all year. These pools need to have their own protection, too. That’s why a Fort Myers pool screen enclosure is a must regardless of what type of weather, these pool enclosures must withstand the test of nature.

In the case of a pool screen enclosure, not all materials are created equally. A wide variety of pool enclosure screen types are available for just about anything you could want. Need to keep bugs out of the patio area? There’s a screen for that. There’s a hurricane coming? You can find a screen for that, too. 

Like everything outdoors in Florida, most building materials will disintegrate over time in the harsh Florida elements. Since screens are often on the outside of our homes, they take quite a beating from the sun, rain, wind, and anything else that might land on them.

Pool Enclosure Screen Material Types

Most customers are shocked to learn that there is more than one type of screen! Not only is there more than one but in fact there are several. For most people, a screen is just a woven mesh on an aluminum enclosure to keep the bugs out, but for others it can be a means of reducing sunlight, keeping the cat contained, or adding privacy. 

Outdoor Furniture and Awnings

It’s a covering attached to the exterior wall of a building. It is typically composed of canvas woven of acrylic or polyester fabric that is stretched tightly over a light structure of aluminum material (used to cover solar thermal panels in the summer, but that must allow as much light as possible).

  • Decorative Fabrics
  • Sunsure
  • Open Mesh
  • Metallics
Original Outdoor Furniture and Awnings

Exterior Shading

This type of material is best used to shield your indoor space from the sun. Whether used as blinds or rolling screens, this would be perfect.

  • Textilene 80
  • Textilene 90
  • Textilene 95
  • Nano 95
  • Nano 97
  • Nano 97 Twill
  • Nano 99
Interior Shading

Exterior Screens

Exterior Screens have the same function as Exterior Shading. The only difference is the type of material used.
  • Nano 50/55/60/70
  • PetTex
Exterior Screens

Specialty Fabrics

An example would be reflectorized vests for this type.
  • Safety Fabrics
  • Transport Fabrics
  • Sport Fabrics
  • Industrial Mesh
Specialty Fabrics

Interior Shading

Interior or indoor shades are used most commonly in buildings to control sunlight, heat, glare, views, and privacy. Indoor shades can improve thermal comfort by blocking sunlight from hitting occupants and reducing radiant temperature asymmetry between room and window surfaces. 
  • Earthtex
  • Shadeview 10D
  • Shadeview 18D
Interior Shading

Hurricane Screen

Hurricane shutters are a popular option for home and business owners all across Florida, for their extra protection and stylish appearance.

While these storm solutions can be excellent choices, heavy-duty aluminum shutters and panels can obscure your outside views, and aren’t always ideal for larger openings like lanais, pools, or other open areas.

  • Omegatex

Hurricane Screen

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