Types of Pool Screen Enclosures for Outdoor Swimming Pools

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A house with a private swimming pool is a Florida luxury. A swimming pool isn’t complete until it has a screen pool enclosure. Swimming pools, as seen in the greatest Florida homes, come with beautiful screen pool enclosures.

Pool screen enclosures have several advantages, including creature-free entertainment and swimming, less exposure to hazardous sunlight, less pool cleaning, and significant savings on pool maintenance costs.

There are many designs to pick from in the screen pool enclosure market, whether you are installing a new screen pool enclosure, repairing a damaged enclosure, or upgrading to a new design pool screen enclosure. Many firms provide a variety of pool designs, and the same is true for screened pool enclosures. To save you time searching for screened pool enclosure ideas, we’ve hand-picked a few roof-type designs for you to select from.

This is the most popular and common type of design. Its semi-circular shape gives itself an aesthetically appealing architectural style and elegant feel to your pool. Most homeowners made this design for protection purposes against the harsh weather conditions of Florida such as its strong winds, snow, and dirt, especially for hurricanes.  

A mansard roof or also called a French roof is a uniquely designed pool enclosure with a flat surface and angled edges, usually more than 90 degrees. This style was popularized in France and could be seen usually in European buildings, or establishments.

This classic and creative design is composed of sections that have a sliding downward direction taking any form of geometrical shapes like a square or triangular or rectangular. Beneficially advantageous because its steep roof design can add up a more open space and gives an enlightening feeling of your pool.

Pool Enclosures Design in Florida
Gable Cage

A gable roof design, or as an A-frame roof, is a roof design that has two sloping sides creating a triangle.

Gable roofs are economically beneficial, there is no need to attach its foundation to your home because it can stand on its own. Saving you more money on its construction cost.  It can be seen in most Floridian homes sharing the same kind of roof design surrounding a pool or attached to an open patio with a gable.

More or less like a variation from Mansard design, except it has a hip sloping up from all sides and meeting at the top. Hip roofs provide protection against wind resistance during typhoons and storms. They also create an illusion making the area around the pool more spacious and taller, as compared to mansard roof designs.

Slope Roof Design

Pool Enclosures Design in Florida
pool Cage

A sloping roof design works best with certain styles of architecture. It is efficient in shedding debris and leaves from your enclosure and can be found also on most Florida homes because of its architectural design and gentle slopestyle.   

Customized Roofs

Pool Enclosures Design in Florida
Customized Roofs Fabritech

There are several professional companies that offer custom-built services for your desired design screen enclosures. Either a combination of mansard design with a two-story pool cage or flat roof enclosure to match your house design. Experienced and well-trained companies are the keys for customized screen pool enclosures. 

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