What is the Difference Between a Porch, Patio, Veranda & Lanai Enclosure?

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Are you dreaming of a porch, patio, deck, veranda, or a screen enclosure?

Would a veranda or lanai enclosure make it easier to enjoy the beauty of the world right outside your door?

Many homeowners in Florida already have an outdoor patio or lanai connected to their home. Let us first differentiate the porchpatioverandadeckand lanai.


The term porch is a fresh air area unenclosed and at the main floor height – an extension of the home living area outside. Porches are usually constructed of wood, sometimes covered with tile. It is a structure that is attached to a house that serves as a place to sit or as access to the house.



A patio is one level that is even with the ground. Construction is generally pavers, brick, stone, or concrete. A patio is usually added directly to the rear of a home and often has a table and chairs for outdoor dining.

Patio Enclosure


Decks can be one, two, or even more levels. While a patio is ground level, a deck is raised from the ground by at least a few inches. A deck can be multi-level.

Make the most out of your outdoor space by installing a deck enclosure.  A deck enclosure will also keep out other pesky varmints such as birds, mice, squirrels, bees, and any other animals that can put a damper on anyone’s time outdoors.



A Veranda is the same as a deck although usually larger and more expansive. It may wrap around the house and often has a railing. Veranda tends to be used as a term more in the south. Verandas are often thought of as being used for entertaining guests. It may be a large porch that’s a room for entertaining or it may be a gallery running along one or more sides of the home, roofed, perhaps with a railing.

The term Lana’i is Hawaiian. It describes a specific type of porch. This term is used typically in tropical climates as we have here in Florida. It may be screened in or have sliding glass panels. Wood, finished cement, or tile is frequently used for floor covering.

Fortunately, regardless of what you call all these structures; a porch, a patio, a veranda, a deck, or a lanai, we all can provide the perfect base for a sunroom screen enclosure. Most Florida homes particularly in Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, North Port, Venice, Estero, Punta Gorda, and Lehigh Acres have this installed to extend their home to family, friends, and guests.

Enhance your home and have your sunroom screen designed and installed professionally and promptly. Your beautiful, new sunroom screen enclosure will provide an outside entertainment area for barbecue parties and other social activities.

With a sunroom screen enclosureyou can relax and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with the bonus of improved privacy and enhanced security. Sitting outdoors on a porch, patio, deck, veranda, or lanai watching the Florida sunset is nice, but watching a Florida sunset in comfort from inside a sunroom screen enclosure is even better.

Perfect in all seasons, a sunroom screen enclosure offers homeowners the ability to create extra indoor space, conveniently and cost-effectively.

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