Lanai Makeover Tips for 2023

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You may create and utilize your lanai in a number of ways. You can enjoy the brilliant sunlight or the gloomy weather in this region of your home. A lanai lets you to enjoy the outside while staying inside, whether it is raining or not.

It may also increase your living space, making it easier to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon regardless of the weather. Your house will seem bigger without the need for costly additions.

A lanai’s objective is to provide an area that links our house to nature and makes it seem more like one. We associate Hawaii with waves, natural beauty, a connection to the outdoors, and nature.

What is a Lanai?

This Hawaiian-derived term may refer to a veranda, balcony, or porch. Prior to Floridians adopting the term, style, and designs, it was more widespread in Hawaii. Lanais have been a popular addition to Florida homes due to the state’s usually sunny environment, and here is where you will normally find folks enjoying their afternoon tea or morning coffee.

Lanais are becoming more frequent in Florida homes. The design and style have grown into something more modern and imaginative. The sides might be open, screen-covered, glassed, or constructed from wood strips. It may be as simple as a spot to remove your boots or gardening shoes while waiting to enter the home, or it could be as large as a room with seats for sitting or eating. Typically, the materials and style complement the home to which it is connected.

How Can You Utilize Your Lanai?

Your home’s lanai can look stunning in many ways while also serving as a location for leisure. For some, it can be a perfect venue for entertaining guests while others use it as a location for family activities. Don’t miss the benefits of having an elegant Lanai by not skipping the sample makeover ideas below:

Lanai Makeover Ideas

Add Outdoor Furniture

The addition of sturdy and classy furniture is the first step in designing an ideal lanai. By creating an open concept and an all-weather place, you can keep your area weather resistant and long-lasting for years of enjoyment. A lovely couch and several cozy chairs are a fantastic place to start when setting up a lounge area.

Outdoor Furniture


Plants are the ideal addition to the lanai area which is an excellent method to promote the relationship between indoor places and nature. Given the abundance of lovely kinds of plants available, we believe adding some big, green plants like Monstera or Birds of Paradise would be a perfect addition. 

The fact that there are so many exquisite varieties of plants that will exactly suit your style is, in the end, what makes them so amazing. Pick up some lovely plants for your lanai makeover; you’ll adore it.

plants for lanai


Fans are ideal for always keeping you cool! Every outdoor living area in Central Florida has built-in cooling equipment. You have a lot of lovely options when remodeling your lanai for fans. These will give your room a dash of flavor and personality. Choose fans that complement the design you want to accomplish, or just choose simple, traditional fans; both will work. For any weather, these will be ideal.

fans for lanai


Make a place that makes you want to stay there. When designing a place that seems like an extension of the house, electronics may be a nice finishing touch.

The room can also greatly benefit from a quality radio or music system. Some vinyl fans may think this setting is ideal for listening to records.

music for lanai


A bookshelf looks fantastic in every space, including the lanai. When you opt for quiet time in your lanai, it’s easy to grab your favorite books without going far. 

Bookshelf stock photo

Sink / Outdoor Kitchen

Homeowners continue to place outdoor recreational areas at the top of their lists. We always prepare to spend more for a nice outdoor living environment, While millennials are known for their outdoor yard games, baby boomers are known for their barbecue nights. Both generations take pleasure in preparing, cooking, and dining at home outside to experience the opulence of outdoor dining. 

outdoor kitchen for lanai

Add Lights

After dinner discussions on the patio or a late game of soccer in the backyard, you and your loved ones may continue to enjoy the outdoors long after the sun has set. Lanai lights illuminate large swaths of yard, while post-cap lights provide the mood for a relaxing evening on the porch. Because of the outdoor lighting, you may remain up later than the kids’ bedtime and still spend quality time with your family.

Lanai lights

Add Lanai Screen Enclosure

Bugs aren’t the only thing that screens keep out. They’re effective in preventing the entry of leaves and other small particles. A screened-in porch is more hygienic than an open one because it traps less dust and dirt particles.

Pool Enclosure Construction

Why Choose Fabri-tech?

Create a lanai that reflects your passions, sense of style, and personality to give your outdoor space a little extra oomph. With the addition of striking furniture, lots of greenery, and accessories, the room was transformed from ordinary to gorgeous.

At Fabri-Tech, we specialize in turning homeowners’ and business owners’ visions into reality. Lanai additions in Florida are cost-effective ways of adding space to your living room. Message us online or call us at 1-800-281-1289 or 239-772-9825 today for a complimentary design consultation.

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