Why Do All Outdoor Pools in Southwest Florida have Screen Enclosures?

Why Do All Outdoor Pools in Southwest Florida have Screen Enclosures?

A Screen Enclosure from Fabri-Tech Screens protects your pool or entertaining area from bugs, leaves, and debris while allowing fresh air and natural sunlight to shine through the fiberglass mesh.

Create a private oasis with a screened pool enclosure that allows you to enjoy your swimming pool all year in Marco IslandBonita SpringsNaplesFort MyersCape CoralPort CharlotteNorth PortVeniceEsteroPunta Gordaand Lehigh Acres. They are an ideal alternative to traditional shade sails and can be built over any area, including swimming pools, balconies, patios, and barbecue areas.

Screened  Pool Enclosures reduce ultraviolet radiation from the sun by up to 45% so you can enjoy swimming and reduce your exposure to the damaging effects of the sun. This makes it ideal for families and those with sensitive skin. The mesh on the pool enclosure screen also acts as a wind filter, so you can enjoy using your outdoor swimming pool on windy days. You’ll reduce the need for a pool filter and chemicals while saving on power costs and vacuuming time.

Every screen enclosure is individually designed to suit your needs and lifestyle. Fabri Tech’s Screen Enclosures are constructed with an anodized or powder-coated aluminum framework.  Aluminum is ideal for use in pool enclosures, as it does not rust or attract mold or pests. It is highly durable and requires very little maintenance.

The panels are constructed with high-strength materials that are strong enough to withstand heavy weather conditions in Southwest Florida. Fabri Tech can customize your pool screen enclosure with a pet door or a heavier shade screen where extra sun and wind control is required.

You can choose to enclose your pool or entertaining area separately or extend the pool enclosure to include other areas of your outdoor living area. Imagine cooking a barbecue without the flies, or enjoying a swim in the shade of the trees, without the hassle of clearing falling leaves and branches every time you have guests.

With large panels and a discreet aluminum framework, our screened pool enclosures are designed to maximize your views and help you make the most of your swimming pool and entertaining areas.

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