A Quick Guide to Building a Sunroom

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sunroom at home is one of the perfect spaces for outdoor living with the convenience of indoor amenities. It can also be the best spot to watch the setting sun and spend the night over a book without the mosquitos whizzing in your ears.

Staying in the sunroom can still be breezy without the susceptibility to different bothersome elements. Having this well-designed sunroom area at home can give you the chance for solitude while on a break.

How Often Will You Use it?

If you use the room during the summer, you can maintain the enclosure cool by growing trees close by for shade. Installing a ceiling fan for better airflow is also a good idea. Also, consider adding retractable curtains on the exterior of your screens to protect the room when the cooler months arrive.

How to Choose Weatherproof Flooring?

Establishing a firm flooring makes all the distinctions. Choose the type of flooring that matches your needs and preference. Here are some of the flooring types to consider:

1. Concrete

Concrete floors are affordable and add attraction to your area. But, the material might be inclined to crack. You can still conceal the imperfections with an indoor or outdoor carpet. 

2. Tile

Installing tiles is a great way to incorporate patterns and colors, and is convenient to clean. The tile can get slicker than other materials when wet but this can be manageable.

3. Brick

Brick floors can be an ideal choice too. They can be more resistant than concrete, which is a good thing.

4. Wood

For someone who is budget-conscious, wood flooring is resistant to different elements and can be a great alternative too. If you worry about termites, you can opt for yellow cedar or redwood.  

What is the best roofing style?

The roofing style impacts the look and practicality of a sunroom and also has a considerable impact on the build-in. Here’s a guide to choose from:

1. Gable

Gable roofs for your sunroom also usually indicate that you have more altitude inside the room, and you can have various choices for lighting, too. There’s also a great aesthetic from the exterior to ponder when planning to install a gable.

2. Single Pitched

This type of roofing is another prevalent sunroom roof style that people tend to work with. Having just one long pitch is quite popular for more creative extensions.

3. Flat

Flat roofs are one of the speediest to establish and most affordable alternatives for a sunroom roof. They’re renowned for maintaining expenditures down and making the benefits of sunrooms attainable to more people.

4. Glass use

Utilizing glass in the roof, whether it’s a full glass roof, skylights, or straightforward roof design that is aware of standard window placements allows to make the sunroom sunnier and get more of that wonderful sun throughout the whole day.

What types of screens to choose

Determining a sturdy screen may be confusing, however, you can consult a professional for great recommendations. Here are some of the samples of sunroom screens:

1. Ready-made fiberglass

Reasonable and easy to install, fiberglass offers adequate airflow and visibility but can allow some unwanted animals and pollen inside the area.

2. Flexible and cut to size

This is worth the extravagance if your openings are tailor-made, it will guarantee the frames don’t twist or stretch.

3. Pollen resistant

If your area is prone to pollen, it is recommended to use tightly woven pollen screens, which entangle particles. However, less airflow does mean less breeze.

4. UV filter

If the space gets lots of sunshine, choose a screen with built-in solar protection or cooling properties. Just keep in mind they can decrease visibility.


What are framing material options?

Choosing a framing material for your sunroom is an essential decision that will set the fashion of your space. Spend some time considering which choice feels right for you and your sunroom plans.

1. Wood Sunroom Framing

This is a common framing material especially when the home is wood. Using wood to craft your sunroom will allow for consistency in your structure’s overall design. 

2. Aluminum Sunroom Framing

Aluminum material is long-lasting and can handle the changing weather, as it doesn’t rust. Because of this, aluminum framing demands little maintenance, and many find that the result is aesthetically pleasing. 

3. Vinyl Sunroom Framin

Flat roofs are one of the speediest to establish and most affordable alternatives for a sunroom roof. They’re renowned for maintaining expenditures down and making the benefits of sunrooms attainable to more people.

How to beat the elements

To comfortably use your veranda in diverse conditions, invest in features that provide climate control and enhance air quality, which can limit the amount of light that penetrates the porch and adjacent rooms, and stop insects from entering.

1. Outdoor ceiling fan

It will keep you cool during the warmer season and will help keep the flying insects away. An air cleaner can also assist in getting rid of the pollen and regulating the pollution.

2. Split unit

More reasonable than installing fully ducted AC units, mini-splits from brands can de-stress your space in warmer months and provide warmth when the temperature declines.

3. Fireplace or stove

Fireplaces look great. You might want to consider placing a wood-burning stove or mobile infrared patio heater for less hassle.

4. Bug-proof lighting

Avoid incandescent lights since they lure most bugs. Rather, installing LEDs in a warm color temperature also helps set the mood. The best lighting for an outdoor space are pendants, wall sconces, and ceiling lights. 

Fort Myers, FL Screen, and Aluminum Contractor

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